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Daily Painting. Date

mini-paintings-002Dear friends, a next video demonstration is finished on Daily Painting theme.

This miniature is made in a surreal atmosphere, the flower has no stem or leaves. We have like a mirage portrait of the rose in the sky. Light connivent contrasts provoke escalating tensions to the finest nuances. The whole composition is kept under extreme danger narrow tonal scale. Only two small black dots- ants create and connect what is called composition. It gives a visual semantic effect.

This video shows how the artist by focusing attention can solve difficult key task. And about how important is to develop a vision of the subtle tonal and color relations in the limited environment.

It’s took me 4- 5 hours to finish this painting. I split the video into 7 parts for about 25 minutes each.

The members of the master class can see the new video here


  • Daily painting “Date” part 1. $20.00

  • Daily painting “Date” part 2. $20.00

  • Daily painting “Date” part 3. $20.00

  • Daily painting “Date” part 4. $20.00

  • Daily painting “Date” part 5. $20.00

  • Daily painting “Date” part 6. $20.00

  • Daily painting “Date” part 7. $20.00

  • Daily painting “Date” all 7 parts. Only $120.00


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