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Portrait of Xenia

First 12 Parts

Portrait of Xenia

First 12 Parts. Almost 4 hours of Video $190.00 (Best value. Saving $50.00)

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 Part 1

Preparation of the canvas using an experimental palette system including Some small hints for oiling the canvas and what kinds of pictures will be useful.

 15 min. $20.00 

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Part 2

What you will need to begin a portrait,  some do’s and don’ts, warm and cold hues, and most importantly things to know about painting the eyes.
16 min. $20.00 

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Part 3

The Appearance and disappearance of contours, little nuances in the dark shadows, brushes, and micro blending.
15 min. $20.00

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Part 4

The law of transition between warm and cold, comparing the shadows of the forehead and eyebrow and why the forehead and the nostrils are a different color.
18 min. $20.00

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Part 5

The nose and nostrils, blending, transition colors, the second eye, and more anatomy.
16 min. $20.00

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Part 6

The shaded side of the eye, why Rembrandt is the “Master of Light”, and the nuances in the small areas.
20 min. $20.00

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Part 7

Two mixtures, the top of the lip and the lower part of the cheek, and why lips should not be red.
25 min. $20.00

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Part 8

More about the lips, what color should be on the lips and why, the left cheek and chin, and if you are not tired – blending again.
15 min. $20.00

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Part 9

The blending, the stored mixtures, and why we use cold for the neck.
21 min. $20.00

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Part 10

Neck, “tan”, shoulder, highlights
16 min. $20.00

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Part 11

Blending brush, drawing and design, work on hair, and the deep shade of the hair.
18 min. $20.00

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Part 12

Single-layer painting, perpendicular strokes, background, and secrets for painting hair.
20 min. $20.00

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