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PDF Country Pitcher

dvd_videostillife_200x200“Country Pitcher” 1st Video Workshop
Learn how to paint a Still-Life in the classical oil painting technique in the PDF format
With the one time membership fee of $35.00 you will receive a password which you can start using immediately. You may use it as often as you like.  This  tutorial made on the basis of “Country Pitcher” video workshop.
This is a great opportunity for those who are not certain whether to buy or not “Country Pitcher” video workshop.
PDFs is also a convenient way to learn right from the computer screen. All text from video had been used, so you don’t miss any info.

PDF “Country Pitcher” is $35. 00. Video costs $160. 00, so if you’ll buy the PDF and later on you decide to buy a video, your cost will drop to $125. 00. Many users find this opportunity fair and convenient.

$35. 00


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