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Workshop France 2017 About

This week in a French paradise (SEPTEMBER 10-16, 2017) will be an emphasis oil painting technique. We will study and explore a process that incorporates a spontaneous impressionistic painting with the detail painting techniques used by the Old Renaissance Masters.
You will choose your subject: A portrait, fruits, flowers, landscape, and others, but our primary focus will be a still life with flowers.
I can support your painting in any technique: classical, realistic, impressionistic or even Avant guard.
The main idea of this art retreat in France came from my new understanding of developing a style that is a combination of a spontaneous technique while respecting the Old Master’s process. This allows an artist new methods of presenting your vision while finding a balance in the effort, quality, and the time necessary to create a true work of art.
I will support you in strengthening your personal style, learn new little tricks while finding a greater understanding the Old Masters.
You will be able to try several different techniques and to start and finish several paintings.

The recommended supplies (not including your favorite supplies that you want to bring with you).

1. Several (5-6) primed Gesso pieces of masonite or stretched canvases ranging in size from 6×6 and up to 24×30.
2. Several round Kolinsky or synthetic brushes, sizes from 0 to 3, a couple of palette knives, as well as your standard set of brushes, including large ones.
3. A palette
4. Oil cup for a working mixture.
5. A small portable easel
6. A set of paints, acrylic or oil (depending on what you are used to working with)
6а. Flake White, Cadmium Yellow light or medium, Ochra Yellow or light, Burnt Umber, Ultramarine, Phthalo Blue, Phthalo Green, Cadmium Red light or medium, kraplak (Crimson), Magenta, Black.

Workshop will be conducted in Southern France (here is the address)
This is a small village in Southwestern France.
We are 30 minutes from the Mediterranean and 2 hours from the Spanish border.

6 Rue Des Bichettes
Quarante, France

In order to reserve a space, please use the following links and contact Tatiana by phone 253 677 3279 (leave a message) or by email or Karen at

Maximum 10 artists.

Suggestions how to get there:
1. Closest large airports: Marseille (2.5 hours)
2. Barcelona (3 hours)
3. Toulouse (1.5 hours)
Nearest train stations:
1. Narbonne (25 minutes)
2. Beziers (20 minutes)

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