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PDF Apple Fiesta

Dear friends, I would like to introduce to you a demonstration series, based on quality photos of step-by-step execution of some pictures I made over the past few years. I have always been aware of the need to document on video or, at least, with photographs, everything that is more or less significant.  Now this moment has come and woo-a-la!  Here you have my account of the completed work!  It has the least amount of text, but will highlight the main and most interesting aspects of the completed work. For example, in my first report (let’s call it a report) – “Apple Fiesta”,  I show 127 photographs taken from the surface of the painting at different stages of completion. The size and quality of these snapshots is significantly higher than Web standards.  I believe it could be very interesting and helpful for art learners of different levels. (And we all, in the end, are “learners” as the difference between and teacher and student is very short-term and unconfirmed.) The key is not to stagnate and always keep moving forward. I provided a PDF file with all snapshots in chronological order with their description. In the near future the same website will include new progression reports of my most popular paintings. These reports will be in the form of high quality snapshots, with their description, as well as already completed videos and progression reports of my new paintings that are still yet to come.

Apple Fiesta.PDF


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