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Oil Painting Techniques Tutorials. Videos and Exercise Templates

Portrait exercise template

Demonstrations from studio

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By purchasing any video workshop on the DVD you have Instant access to correspond online video parts

1st Classical Oil Paintings Workshop “Country Pitcher “

This video course of classical painting will give you an opportunity to understand and practice the Old Masters’ technique. You will learn how to paint a classical still life from the beginning to the end, from priming the canvas to painting smallest details like water drops, the texture of the lemon skin, etc. The course explains the basic secret of classical painting that intrigues many experienced artists: how tiniest details are made and when to stop. The course consists of the following sections: Composition; Priming the Canvas, Drawing, Imprimatura, Umbra Underlayer, Dead Underlayer, Color Layers, and Texture (Finishing Layer).

2nd Classical Oil Paintings Workshop “Portrait of Anna

Second classical oil painting technique video workshop, Portrait of Anna, by Alexei Antonov featuring the following stages: White priming with subsequent ink drawing; Imprimatura, the selection of the medium tonality of the lightest spot in the painting; Umbra Underlayer whose main function is to prevent the tonality fading in time; Dead Underlayer required for the final completion of tonality and preparation of the surface for color layers; Color layers. The skillful combination of the dead underlayer and the color layers can help you achieve the miraculous effect of the Old Masters;



3d Classical Oil Paintings Workshop “Claret Grapes”

This video course gives you an opportunity to understand and practice the Old Masters’ painting technique. In this workshop Alexei Antonov will show and explain how to paint one of the most complicated textures in still life painting, Claret Grapes. He will lead you through the actual painting of Claret Grapes from start to finish, giving the detailed explanation of all the stages of the Flemish painting style, beginning with drawing, imprimatura, and the umbra layer. Special attention will be given to color layers where the texture is born. Detailed step by step instructions will help you create a piece of art so realistic that people will be drawn to smell and touch it.



4th Classical Oil Paintings Workshop “Portrait of the Yellow Rose”

I have been receiving many requests to explain how to paint flowers, in particular, roses. It is difficult to paint flowers, especially roses. The rose is a symbol of eternal beauty that we can admire, and if we are artists, we can try to depict it on canvas. You probably know that there are many roses in my still lifes; I have been trying to paint them the way Old Masters did, and I think I have learned how to do so.


5th Classical Oil Paintings Workshop “One Layer Shortcut”

This video course gives you an opportunity to understand and practice the Old Masters’ painting technique. This shortcut method allows you to execute a painting in one layer, a technique that can help you complete an urgent order in two days.



Portrait of Xenia

This video course concerns itself with the following. Preparation of the canvas using an experimental palette system, including a few hints for oiling the canvas and what kinds of pictures will be useful. What you will need to begin a portrait, some do’s and don’ts, warm and cold hues, and most importantly things to know about painting the eyes. The appearance and disappearance of contours, little nuances in the dark shadows, brushes, and micro blending. The law of transition between warm and cold, comparing the shadows of the forehead and eyebrow and why the forehead and the nostrils are a different color.
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Demonstrations from studio

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Great Deal
Set of five video lessons by Alexei Antonov with the phenomenal savings of $260.00 with total value of $760.00. Now for a very attractive price of only $500.00
  • Instant download of all videos