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Portrait of Xenia

Hello, dear friends; This is a portrait of my friend’s beautiful daughter Xenia.This portrait was completed a long time ago. I captured a lot of video material, and today I am proud to say that I have completed the first part of this demonstration video. The whole program is about 8 hours long, now the first 4 hours are ready (and you can start to use them!). 4 hours are remaining, I will conclude them in about a month. I have divided it into 15-20 minute parts for ease of editing as well as for video use. (Here you can select your preferred price.) A few words about this video demonstration: Portrait is based on a set of requests for a short-cut portrait  technique. The result is a three layer process, but – in color, without the traditional underpainting.You will see the whole process started from the drawing transfer.

You will see all of my findings and discoveries, as well as the doubts, failures and outcomes of the difficult situations. I also would like to add that the texts in this video are not overloaded, I tried to concentrate as much as possible on the maximising of video footage with the minimum number of editing cuts. On the dubbing of English texts, I tried two options. The first couple of clips I presented myself, and later I used a computer narrating text. The voice is somewhat  robot-like, but the pronunciation is much better than mine.
I also offer you a form of online workshop . In the premium membership I will put up some photos of  Xenia for your choice, as well as a reproduction of the portrait in high resolution. If you like, you may use them in your academic study. Later you will be able to exhibit your work  in progress  (W.I.P.) as a general overview with the ability to get the video critiqued, as well as  receive advice and  critique from myself and our colleagues. Besides the first two clips from this video in the department of premium membership you get free.  In the future, I plan to upload new projects for the workshops in a similar manner. Good luck!

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